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Tenant Information

This is a brief summary of leasing arrangements, provided here for your convenience. Please refer to the lease agreement, which contains all terms and conditions, for more information; you can access your lease via the Tenant Portal (see below).

Instructions for New Tenants

Welcome to The Creek!   Click here for instructions for newbies.

The "Tenant Portal"

We are pleased to offer a portal through which you can do such things as:

The online payment feature is completely free to you.

You can access the Tenant Portal here.  Look for the "Resident Sign In" block on the right.

Tips & tricks for the keyless locks

The front and back doors are secured with keypad locks. You do not need a key to work the locks. To lock and unlock the door, you turn the big knob to move the deadbolt. Without the code, the big knob spins freely and you can't move the deadbolt. When the green light is blinking, the big knob will turn the deadbolt -- you will feel the resistance as you turn it to lock/unlock the door.

Unlocking - enter your code, and then turn the big knob while the light is blinking green. Once the light stops blinking, the big knob spins freely again and the bolt doesn't move.

Tip: when unlocking at night, press the "Schlage" button first, and the keypad will light up.

Locking - press the "Schlage" button and the turn the big knob while the light is blinking green. Yes, this means that you don't need to enter the code to lock the door.

Blinking Red Light?!? - If your keypad blinks red for a few moments after entering your code, then the battery is low. It will still work for at least a week or so, but go ahead and report this to Cross Creek Rentals and we'll install a fresh battery ASAP.

Don't Use Drano!     Don't Jam Disposals!

The use of Drano and similar powerful chemicals is a definite no-no and a breach of your lease. It is nasty stuff that destroys pipes.

This pipe was totally eaten through by Drano.    Yuck.

Disposals: as provided for in the lease, please do not put anything more than incidental food items in the disposal. Disposals are not for disposal of food -- use the trash instead. Clearing a disposal that has inappropiate material in it will be at your expense.

Drain pipe destroyed by Drano!

Dryer Lint Kits -- They Need to Be Cleaned and Refilled with Water!

In some units, it is not possible to vent the dryer directly to the outside. Instead, a "dryer vent kit" has been installed to prevent traces of lint from entering your unit. The dryer vent kit is typically a white plastic box, about the size of a shoe box, located very close to your dryer. Sometimes it is on the floor, sometimes mounted on the wall.

You need to clean and refill your dryer vent kit each month! It's easy to service:
1. Find the vent kit (white box next to your dryer).
2. Remove the lid of the dryer vent kit and take the box to your kitchen sink.
3. Clean out excess lint -- but please keep it out of the kitchen drain!
4. Add water to the fill line (about 1 and 1/4 inch).
5. Put the box back and re-attach the lid.
Do this maybe once a month depending on your usage.

Pedestrian gate at rear of the property

The pedestrian gate at the rear entrance to Cross Creek requires use of a key fob.
You use the same key fob that you use to access the pools and tennis courts -- but it must be enabled for the rear gate.
If you want to use the rear pedestrian gate, just call the Cross Creek office ( 404-351-7600 ) and ask them to enable your key fob for this purpose.

Controlling Front Gate Access

You can login to the "Dwelling Live" system to grant visitors access to the front gate. This is handy for creating a guest list for a gathering, or for granting repeated access for a friend or helper. You can also block someone. Dwelling Live

Freezing Pipes?!?

Generally speaking, you really only need to worry about pipes that are on an exterior wall. That being said, you should always leave the heat set to at least 55 degrees, just to keep the unit from getting too cold.

If you do have any plumbing on an exterior wall (say, a kitchen sink), then on cold nights be sure to open the cabinet doors below the fixture, and if it's really cold let that faucet drip a little (a little from both the hot and the cold sides).

Our units that have plumbing on exterior walls:
On La Blanc, the one-bedroom units: bathroom sink
On Montre, the two bedroom unit: kitchen sink


Instructions for New Tenants

Registering with Cross Creek

The Cross Creek office handles registration of vehicles, issuance of vehicle stickers and key fobs, and various property-wide issues. The office is located underneath the cafe, next to the golf pro shop. You should call the office (404-351-7600) to confirm hours; they close at different times on different days.

The electronic gate system requires that a small (nearly invisible) sticker be affixed to your vehicle, which will cause the right-hand gate to open automatically for you. Your visitors will enter using the left-hand gate, where they register with the guardhouse (staffed 24/7).

Access to the three pools, the tennis courts, and the rear pedestrian gate is controlled by an electronic "key fob". You can get fob(s) when you get your stickers for your car(s).

To register your vehicle(s) with Cross Creek, and obtain parking stickers and key fobs, you need to visit the Office.   Be sure to bring a copy of your lease and your vehicle registration.   The office will provide you with a copy of the Rules and Regulations, and other useful information.   You also need to bring your car(s) so that the staff can affix the special sticker!


Electricity. Contact GA Power, and arrange to have the electricity put in your name effective the first day of the lease. 888-660-5890 Yes, you can schedule this in advance.
Water & sewer. Water and sewer service is included in the lease, and already turned-on; no action is required on your part. Water in Atlanta is very expensive, so please don't waste water. DO NOT USE DRAIN CLEANERS, and GO EASY ON DRAINS AND THE DISPOSAL! (see sections 22 and 23 on page 4 of the lease!).
Natural gas. There is no natural gas service at Cross Creek (everything is electric), so no action required.
Internet & TV. You may wish to arrange for Internet and/or paid TV service. Comcast works well for most people. Your unit is already wired for cable service; all you need to typically do is order service from Comcast and plug in the router they provide you. Please only use wireless equipment inside the unit - just have the one cable enter the unit and attach to the router. Do NOT let the provider run a bunch of "inside wiring" inside the unit! Thank you.