Summary of the Property

Cross Creek has some 5 miles of roads, and 936 units spread across a wooded property with over 90 buildings. See more on this map of Cross Creek.

Cross Creek "Phases"

Cross Creek was built in 5 phases.

Phase Streets Built During Phase
Phase I Chaumont Square, Verlaine Place and Elysian Way
Phase II Glenald Way, Lamsden Lane, Montre Square, Rosaire Place and Amherst Place
Phase III Cantey Place, Adrian Place, Woodmere Square and Maribeau Square
Phase IV Vista Square, LaRue Place and Maison Place
Phase V Arpege Way, Monet Court, DeArc Place, LaBlanc Way, Barone Place and Triumph Drive

Summary of Units

Quantity Description
154 3 / 4 Bedroom Units
528 2 Bedroom Units
242 1 Bedroom Units
12 Efficiency Units
936 Total Units